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Playing backgammon on the internet is a great chance to improve your skills, meet other backgammon fans and Win Money!

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How to play backgammon online?

For playing online backgammon you first have to download the software, then register. Having done this you can start playing backgammon, for fun (Free Backgammon) or for Real Money, with players all over the world. You can play single games, session games or you can choose to play in tournaments.

Before playing backgammon for Real Money you have to deposit money into your account. After depositing the money you can join an existing table or create a new one. At the end the winner takes all the money and pays a small fee.

If you are a beginner you can start by playing backgammon for free. There is also a “Backgammon school” for those who want to learn how to play the game. That means you will have a tutor who will teach you how to play and will correct your mistakes.

Internet Backgammon Rules

The game is played by two players, normal backgammon rules rules apply and other players can watch the running games live. Each move is limited to time so that the game keeps to a good pace. In cases where one of the players logs off or his connection is lost he can get back into the game within 5 minutes and the game continues. If they do not return to the game the player who is leading the game will be win the relative amount of money of that game.

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