Your Move Mr. Bond?
In celebration of the latest escapade by the world's most famous super spy James Bond, his latest adventure being a remake of the very first James Bond Movie Casino Royale, played by David Niven, but in the new version by Daniel Craig.; we present:

"Your Move Mr. Bond?"

In this edited and completely unexpurgated and unrelated in any way version 007 is pitted against his arch enemy Coldfinger Scarey-Mouse.

The rich setting of Montenegro acts as backdrop to the Casino Royale location. Against this enduring scene of tranquil luxury and intense excitement, lies one question; Is Bond any good at Backgammon?

Bond entered the hustling casino atmosphere, walked slowly with style over to the waiting Baccarat table, he paused then turned away. Not tonight, I think MR. Bond?" A squat figure in a dark trench coat that dragged on the floor saddled up to him.

"Ah Scarey-Mouse fancy you being here, I thought this game was a little too honest for you."

"On the contrary Mr. Bond, my game is changing, I have been away from the cards for a while now, and I prefer a rounder game, if you get my drift."

"How is Miss Fat belly these days, still a Fat Belly?"

"Indeed she is Mr. Bond and she is getting bigger each day. But let us not degenerate this little chat into mindless boredom about my associates, shall we turn to something a little more challenging?

A waitress somewhat scantily attired sashayed over to Bind resplendent in his dinner jacket and white scarf."

"Your Martini, stirred but not shaken" Mr. Bond.

"Thank you," Bond took the glass from the delicate hand of the waitress and placed a kiss on her hand. The girl shied quietly away, a lingering smile on her face and a promise of more to come.

"You never seem to change James, Martini...

"Yes, but like my women I vary it."

"And no doubt leave them shaken and stirred," Scarey-Mouse laughs.

"What is it that I can do for you then Scarey-Mouse?"

"Just a game, James, just a game?"

Bond followed Scaryey-Mouse through two large oak paneled doors into a long marble corridor, in which the crystal chandeliers above them, glistened, as the tinkle of the piano keys floated down the corridor accompanying their footsteps.

Scarey-Mouse swung a small door open, and entered a saloon room off the main corridor. The lush interior was made up of a mix of polished woods and a treasure trove of ornate silver and priceless object dart.

"Do take a seat James?"

Bond sat; a Martini was placed next to his position on the table.

"What are we playing Scarey-Mouse?"

"A game that I hope you are not familiar with, a game that I have mastered and won that I know you won't beat me at..."

"Russian Roulette is it?"

"Oh, James how could you be so uncouth, it is not worthy of you, no this is a game, which takes skill and a little cunning to win."

Scarey-Mouse pulled, open a drawer and took from it a large wooden brightly polished mahogany box, Bond covered his holster, his finger poised on the trigger of his Biretta.

Scarey-Mouse opened the box to reveal an onyx marble encrusted covered backgammon board with checkers made of gold and black ivory. Two diamond studded dice completed the ensemble.

"You know how to play James?"

"Of course. I was a school Champion."

"Then let me offer you the first dice," Scarey-Mouse watched as Bond placed the two diamonds into the throwing cup. It too was made of gold. The dice rattled inside the cup then rolled out onto the board. A four and a six were the fist two numbers that rolled over the ornate board.

Bond took his gold checkers and positioned them.

Scarey-Mouse accepted the cup and placed the dice inside, slowly he shook the cup and with a flick of his wrist the dice rested on the board. A 2 and a 5

Bond, smiled as he moved to take the cup from Scarey-Mouse.

"You know James, you have caused me a lot of trouble over the years, what say we make this game interesting, with a little wager?"

"What did you have in mind?"

"If you lose, which undoubtedly you will, the you will steal the Crown Jewels for me, the British Crown Jewels , what a delicious irony that would be the British Top secret agent stealing from his Queen, oh how the papers will revel in those headlines. Bond Goes to the Tower, can you see that"

"You are mad Scarey-Mouse, why would I do that… even if I lose."

"Because you are a man of honour James and your conscience would not allow you to welch on a bet, besides I would inform M16 that you were working for me."

"And if I win?"

"Then you can leave with this. Scarey-Mouse opened the attaché case by the side of the table, it was a bomb, packed neatly into the case.

"Yes James' it's a bomb, crude I know but it does give me a certain leeway, as the only way to deactivate the bomb is to win the game, and if you do, the last checker you bear off de-activates the case, each checker is primed to a certain code, you see and when played on the board sends a pulse to the case, once the last one is played it switches off. If on the other hand you don't bear off all your checkers. Then this Casino and everyone in it go UP"

"And it's my turn now?"

"Indeed Mr. Bond it's your move."

To be continued....

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