Your Move Mr. Bond?(part - II)
Never one to perspire, Bond took the gold cup and stared deep into the eyes of his arch enemy. He rolled the dice slowly in the cup and paused, before throwing them deep onto the board, the diced rolled once then again, before settling on a three and a one.

"Oh, that's not so good James."

The banter continued between the two for a few more rolls and as the action increased to the portion in the game where the race and chase began, Bond positioned himself to lay an anchor. Scarey-Mouse rolled his dice but the roll was not to his liking and he smacked the dice hard against the board.

"Temper, temper Scarey-Mouse, you still have checkers left and I could gammon you from here in."

"Indeed you could Mr. Bond, but I have options available, so you haven't won just yet."

Seeing his moment, Scarey-Mouse initiated a premature roll, a classic cheating movement; the roll turned out to be bad, Scarey-Mouse collected the dice and, before Bond could see the digits rolled again.

"My apologies Mr. Bond."

Bond sensed the time was now and took a subtle and more deliberate approach that of the late pick up, reaching across the board he put his hand over the dice, feigning as if to pick them up, but not raising them from the board. His sleight of hand resulted in him dropping and collecting another set of dice from his hand, Then dice rolled and Bond clasped his fist concealing the diamond dice, Scarey-Mouse watched as Bond placed all his checkers on the home board.

"What are you doing Mr...? Bond, that is not the way to play you are allowed to move only one or two checkers Mr. Bond at a time not all of them, you forfeit the game."

"On the contrary Mr. Scarey-Mouse it is you who lose, the dice you have in your hand are not the same that we have been playing with, they look the same, but they're not these are electro magnetic dice that omit a signal that Traps electrical pulses, so your bomb is already deactivated."

"You are a liar Mr. Bond, and you dare to wager with me the lives of all the people in this casino against your pathetic little Q made device.Wee shall see."

Scarey-Mouse opened the case and saw that the trigger was still intact.

Bond reached for hi s Birettaa and fired tow shots deep into the chest of Scarey-Mouse still holding the attaché case on his lap, his last dying move was to reach for the button, as he did, Bond punched the board into the air and all the checkers cascaded to the floor, the bomb just like Scarey-Mouse was de-activated.

As Bond walked towards the door, he left his arch enemy's body slumped in the chair.

Before he shut the door, he held the two diamond dice in his hand and threw one in the air, thinking to himself.

"Next time I'll bring a doubling cube."

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