Backgammon rules

Backgammon rules on how to arrange the stones on the board

  • On the left half on the first triangle (black) there are 5 white stones and on the 5th triangle (black) there are 3 black stones.
  • On the right on the first triangle (black) there are 5 black stones and on the last triangle (white) there are 2 white stones.
  • On the opposite the stones are arranged similarly but the colors are different.

What is the purpose of backgammon game?

To get off the board all stones, but before this, the stones need to be taken home.

The game is fun and if you have decided to try it you need some instruction on how to play backgammon. Each player throws the dice. The player with the highest number on the dice will start the game. The black stones will be brought home counter clockwise whereas the white stones will be brought home clockwise. The game is played with the 2 dices .The player moves the stones however he likes. He can move 2 stones: a stone for each dice or he can move 1 stone, the sum of the 2 dices. In the case of a double, that is the same number on each dice, when moving the stones, the player can double each dice.

Now that you know backgammon game rules it is time for some tips guide on line free

It is very important that pairs of stones of the same color are formed, because a single stone is a target and can be taken out of the game temporary. The player with the taken out stone cannot continue the game until he brings back the stone into game. This stone must enter the enemy’s home on an open point. If that on point is a single stone of the enemy you can send it out of the game temporary.

Backgammon rules say that you always have to move, even if that it is not in your best interest. If you can use only one of the dice you have rolled then you must do so, but you should move the highest dice.

After all stones are brought back home they have to be taken out of the board. The player who takes off the board all the stones first is the winner!

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