Backgammon strategy

Backgammon is a game of luck, but a game of intelligence too. In fact it is a race and you can visualize it that way. As you know, if you read the backgammon rules, the puropse of the game is to move all your checkers to your home board and step by step, dice by dice bear them off.

In order to do that, you must know how to combine the dices in a way that can help you defend your checkers or threat your opponent’s ones. There are a number of combinations that are also known as “gates”, and these are: 3-1, 4-2, 5-3, 6-4. A gate is when you cover a free checker with another one, protecting it from your opponent. A safe way to play backgammon is to try to always have your checkers covered, especially if they are already in your homeboard and the opponent still has at least one checker there. An important thing to remember is not to attack foolish, when you see you can take out one of your opponent’s checkers. Do it only if it’s worthy and if the chancess of being a trap are low.

People mostly follow 2 backgammon strategies when playing backgammon, depending on how they start.

The first one will be trying to get his 2 checkers from the away-board as quick a spossible out of there. The advatage is that if you play smart you might have one less worry in the attempt to take your checkers to your home board. The disadvantage is that while you try to move them from there, your opponent might keep on taking them out and gaining positions and you waste your time on the same moves with the same checkers.

The other technique would be to focus on your other checkers and only after you have them moved in your home board or at least close to that, you start moving the other 2. The advantage is that you keep your opponent in tension, he tries not to do any mistakes that could jeopardize his checkers from the homeboard. Sometimes you might also roll a dice that could take one of his checkers out while you have no free spots in your homeboard, and by the time he will find a way to get back in the game you are already bearing off. The disadvantage is that your opponent might block you and give you no option getting our from his home board, and while he is cleverly moving his checkers closer to his homeboard, and eventually in, you are ruining your gates.

Our suggestion is to study closely the player you are playing against, because every one has his own strategy to use. Play with as many peoples as you can and apply the best method that can give you the win

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