Michael Jackson, remember him, the one time Peter Pan of Pop who lived in his own Neverland and danced with zombies and the undead, and who released an album called Bad on which were the first lines I'm Bad I'm Bad ; could be said to have made some bad moves over the past few years.

Ones that have seen him receive some bad advice, which have resulted in some bad legal ramifications. So bad moves, bad advice and bad legal moves.

This sort of reminded me of a game variation in backgammon called Bad Advice, which works like this. When it's your turn and after you roll the dice,

You tell your opponent that you are going to move two legal moves, your opposition then chooses one, the one you will play, giving you BAD ADVICE.

If you have only one legal move, you make it. The other BG rules remain the same.

A game of Bad Advice can be quite strange, (now who does that remind you of).

One night we chose to play BAD ADVICE. The early part of the game appeared BAD, but playable, I chose the backgame option, from which my opponent had difficulty bearing off; on occasions movements were restricted as I was not able to take a shot. It looked like bad but passable backgammon. So I wound up playing a back game, and my opponent had trouble bearing off, you often have only one move that doesn't leave a shot, so I got a lot of shots, but on the other hand, I couldn't contain a piece after I hit it.

This was somewhat odd, but interesting. (Again where have we heard that?)

A similar idea to BAD ADVICE is played like this: Player White rolls . The opposition tells him what move he cannot choose. If there is only one legal move that move has to be played.

This variation requires more skill than ordinary backgammon because you need to think about the other player's moves.

This game invariably gets slower than the cut and thrust of mainstream backgammon as there is a good deal to think about before each move, from both sides of the board.

It is all a matter of how clever you are at giving BAD ADVICE and how gullible you are at taking it.

Perhaps this version of the game should be called The Michael Jackson Move, oh and just to get you in the mood, why not try a few Moonwalk steps, before you start.

"I'm Bad I'm Bad"

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