Have you ever been to London and walked along the Embankment down by the Houses of Parliament to Westminster Bridge.

Across the bridge lies the Festival Hall and on that walkway some of the wonderful street entertainers stalls and artists that grace the city.
By day this is a passageway of entertainment, displays and artistry.
By night, the city gives way to the dregs of humanity, as the people from cardboard city open their newspaper covered box coffins to dance in displays of poverty and neglect. One of the last things that they do just before the dawn edges its way back into the day is to huddle by the burger van to collect the last free roll of the night, their last taste of sustenance before they return to their cardboard city to shut themselves away from another day.

How can this image relate to backgammon you may ask? In only way the FREE ROLL, because this is the meal ticket to online tournament, it is away to get yourself into the big money tournaments by playing in satellite matches and winning them. The reward for which is a star, accumulate these stars and soon there will be enough to get you into the FREE Roll tournament, without having to buy in.

In FREE roll tournaments you have to pit your skills against those of the opposition who could well be professional so you will need to have your wits about you and to concentrate on the game, although some of the FREE roll tournaments are low prize money some can be in their thousands so it's best to play as often as possible to get your skills honed for the challenges ahead.

For the people of cardboard city a FREE ROLL means a completely different thing, funny how things mean different things for different people, makes you think how lucky you are doesn't it?

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