How to play backgammon?

Do not be fooled by the dice.

A little bit of strategy and a stomach for risk are all you need to win here.

Backgammon has always been an attractive game for people. The old Egyptians, Romans, Greeks used to play backgammon. They say that Nero lost a fortune at this game; Caligula used to cheat; even Antonio and Cleopatra played backgammon. Actually the origins of this game are unknown.

Even if you have never played backgammon, when you try it you will definitely like it. Once you understand the rules of backgammon which are not difficult but which must be clearly respected, you will be able to try your “luck” and strategy with this game.

Some simple directions how to play backgammon

  • The game is played with 2 players on a special board.
  • Each player has a number of 15 stones.
  • The light-colored stones are called White (they do not have to be white) whereas the dark-colored stones are called Black (they do not have to be black).
  • The board is divided into two halves and has a background color, usually brown.
  • Each half of the board has 12 triangles, black and white alternatively. The left half is the exterior side and the right half is the interior side or Home for one of the player whereas for the other player the right half is the exterior and the left side is home.
  • Two dices are also necessary.

Internet Backgammon Rules

The game is played by two players, normal backgammon rules rules apply and other players can watch the running games live. Each move is limited to time so that the game keeps to a good pace. In cases where one of the players logs off or his connection is lost he can get back into the game within 5 minutes and the game continues. If they do not return to the game the player who is leading the game will be win the relative amount of money of that game.

internet backgammon


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